We are moving away from PGP email for coordinated vulnerability disclosure in favor of a web-based platform called VINCE. We encourage you to read about and start using VINCE.

PGP Key Properties

  Key ID: F50A5453F549E723
Key Type: RSA
  Key Size: 4096
Created: 2022-09-29   Expires: 2023-10-01   Key Fingerprint: 0BA3 0072 83A8 FF43 2957 412E F50A 5453 F549 E723
UserID: CERT Coordination Center <cert@cert.org>

PGP Key in ASCII Armor Format

  File Modified
Text File F50A5453F549E723.asc new F50A5453F549E723 2022-10-24 by Jeffrey Havrilla

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