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  • CERT Incident Note IN-2003-02: W32/Mimail Virus

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The CERT Coordination Center publishes incident notes to provide information about incidents to the Internet community.

W32/Mimail Virus

Release Date: August 2, 2003


On Friday, August 1st 2003 the CERT Coordination Center began to receive an increased number of reports of a new mass mailing virus, now referred to as W32/Mimail, spreading on the Internet.


The W32/Mimail virus is a malicious file attachment containing a specially crafted MHTML file named 'message.html'. This file is delivered inside of a .ZIP archive file named ''. Viewing the 'message.html' file on a vulnerable system will cause the malicious code to be installed and executed. The malicious code is a mass-mailer.

The email message may look like the following:

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