Contributions to BFF 

  • The CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework (BFF) contains code by Allen D. Householder (adh) and Will Dormann (wd). Contact the authors at their (userid) at
  • CERT Triage Tools was written by Jonathan Foote
  • Crash minimization was inspired by Dan Rosenberg's FuzzDiff
  • Crash uniqueness is based on a technique described in "Dynamic test generation to find integer bugs in x86 binary linux programs" by David Molnar, Xue Cong Li, and David A. Wagner
  • CERT Triage Tools 1.02 test cases were orignally written by Josh Bressers of Red Hat, Inc. (bressers at redhat dot com)
  • BFF uses Sam Hocevar's zzuf for fuzzing and crash detection.
  • BFF was originally created by Will Dormann.