The material in the CERT® Guide to Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure inherits from 29 years of analyzing vulnerabilities and navigating vulnerability disclosure issues at the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC). While a few of us may be the proximate authors of the words you are reading, many of the ideas these words represent have been bouncing around at CERT for years in one brain or another. We’d like to acknowledge those who contributed their part to this endeavor, whether knowingly or not:

Jared Allar, Jeff Carpenter, Cory Cohen, Roman Danyliw, Will Dormann, Chad Dougherty, James T. Ellis, Ian Finlay, Bill Fithen, Jonathan Foote, Jeff Gennari, Ryan Giobbi, Jeff Havrilla, Shawn Hernan, Allen Householder, Chris King, Dan Klinedinst, Joel Land, Jeff Lanza, Todd Lewellen, Frank Longo, Navika Mahal, Art Manion, Joji Montelibano, Trent Novelly, Madison Oliver, Michael Orlando, Ally Parisi, Rich Pethia, Jeff Pruzynski, Robert Seacord, Deana Shick, Stacey Stewart, David Warren, and Garret Wassermann

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