Appendix C - Sample Vulnerability Report Form*
This is a vulnerability report, typically sent from a reporter to a vendor. These reports may also be shared among other third parties, by the reporter, the vendor, or a coordinator.
This is a report example based on the CERT/CC's Vulnerability Reporting Form \[79\], and is not meant to be exhaustive of all possibilities. Please modify the sections and format as necessary to better suit your needs.
*Vulnerability Report*
The information below should be handled as (choose one): 
<span style="color: #ff0033">TLP:RED</span> / <span style="color: #ffc000">TLP:AMBER</span> / <span style="color: #33ff00">TLP:GREEN</span> / <span style="color: #ffffff">TLP: WHITE</span>

Disclosure Plans


Additional Information