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Original issue date: October 31, 1990
Last revised: September 17, 1997
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The CERT/CC has received the following report of a vulnerability in /usr/sbin/Mail, present only in IRIX 3.3 and 3.3.1. This information was provided to the CERT/CC by Robert Stephens, of Silicon Graphics Inc.

I. Description

/usr/sbin/Mail can fail to reset its group id to the group id of the caller.

II. Impact

Can allow any user logged onto the system to read any other user's (including root's) mail.

III. Solution

A fixed /usr/sbin/Mail binary has been made available for anonymous ftp from SGI.COM ([]). The correct binary can be found at:


under the ftp directory.

Note that this binary must be installed with the same group (mail) and permissions (2755) as your existing 3.3 or 3.3.1 /usr/sbin/Mail.

For further questions, please contact your Silicon Graphics support center (Geometry Partners HOTLINE number: (800) 345-0222)

Copyright 1990 Carnegie Mellon University.

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September 17,1997  Attached Copyright Statement
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