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We are moving away from PGP email for coordinated vulnerability disclosure in favor of a web-based platform called VINCE. We encourage you to read about and start using VINCE.

Sending Sensitive Information


Download and Verify the Current CERT/CC PGP Key

Our current PGP key is available below and has the following properties:

  CERT PGP Key Information
  Key ID: 45FD541AB93ED52B738058A74C4ADC8C
Key Type: RSA
Created: 20192020-0709-1124
Expires: 20202021-09-30
Key Size: 4096
Key Fingerprint: 62168FE6 58A6724F CE370C6A C480D47A E55B 3F6B  F4D9DD17 45FD7380 541A58A7 B93E4C4A D52BDC8C
UserID: CERT Coordination Center <>

The CERT PGP keys have an operational life span of approximately one year. When we generate a new key, it will be published on this page and updated on public keyservers.

Call us at +1 412-268-5800 to verify the fingerprint.

CERT/CC PGP Keys (Current and Historical)

Below is a list of keys currently or previously used by CERT/CC. Please use only the most recent key for encrypting new information.

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