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Once you have created an individual VINCE account, ask us or a your vendor group administrator. Users for whom we have existing trust (verified email address, possibly PGP key) are automatically associated with vendor groups. For users without existing trust, we perform a two-person validation process.


Can I control which cases specific people in my organization have access to?

Not at this timeYes. VINCE allows case access control through the User Management Page.  By default all users have access to all current and new cases. You can toggle this setting by disabling the "Default User Case Access" toggle and selecting the cases each individual should have access to.  When the default access is disabled, group administrators will need to grant access for non-admin users to new cases.

My VINCE account has been associated with the proper vendor group, why can't I access my cases?

Log out and back in to VINCE.  If this doesn't work, please send us a message.

What should I do if a reporter is not responding or participating in the discussion on VINCE?


Who sees my status and statement?

Anyone participating By default, only the VINCE coordinators in the case can see your status and statement before we publish the vulnerability note. You are welcome to share your status and statement with other case participants by switching the "Share" toggle when you submit your status and statement.  This will allow anyone participating in the case to view your status or statement.  The status will appear next the vendor name on the right side of the case discussion.  By clicking the status, you will be able to view any additional statements and references provided. Once the CERT/CC publishes the vulnerability note, the public will be able to view your status and statement.


How do I update my public contact information?

Use Group administrators can use the "My Contact Info" page to edit your their public contact information. Click "Edit My Contact Info" in the top right and toggle the "Public" switch to "Yes" to make specific contact information public. By default, all contact information that the CERT/CC has for your organization is set to "Not Public".