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Comment: CVE lookup API docs


Code Block
#update vendor status
api = f'{case}/vendor/statement/'
data = [{'vendor': 3548,   # vendor ID only required if user belongs to multiple vendors in a case
	'status':'Not Affected',  # required: ['Affected', 'Not Affected', 'Unknown']
	'references':["", ""],  # not required, must be a list 
	'share':True, # not required, default = False
	'vulnerability':'CVE-2020-19293', # required - must be in the form 'CVE-xxxx-xxxxx' or 'VU#xxxxxx.n'
	'statement': 'This is my statement'}]  # not required 

CVE Lookup (must have access to case)

Code Block
# lookup CVE-2021-55555 - must have access to case otherwise 404 
api = f'' 
headers={'content-type':'application/json', 'Authorization': "Token {}".format(token) } 
r = requests.get(api, headers=headers, stream=True) 
Code Block
API: CVE Lookup:

{   'case': {   'created': '2020-03-11T18:56:14.975973Z',
                'due_date': '2020-03-25T0000Z',
                'status': 'Active',
                'summary': 'This is a summary',
                'title': 'This is a title',
                'vuid': '123456'},
    'note': 'NOT Public',
    'vendors': [ {   'references': '',
                       'statement': '',
                       'statement_date': '2020-11-20T11:05:07.603524Z',
                       'status': 'Unknown',
                       'vendor': 'Test Vendor',
                       'vulnerability': 'CVE-2021-55555'}],
    'vulnerability': {   'cve': '2021-55555',
                         'date_added': '2020-03-11T20:37:51.629151Z',
                         'description': 'This is a description of the vulnerability',
                         'name': 'CVE-2021-55555'}}