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We are moving away from PGP email for coordinated vulnerability disclosure in favor of a web-based platform called VINCE. We encourage you to read about and start using VINCE.

Sending Sensitive Information


Those unable to use PGP can contact us at <cert@cert<> org> or < +1 412-268-5800> 5800 to arrange alternative methods.

We also encourage you to check the PGP signature on email and documents to ensure that they were produced by the CERT key and have not been alteredverify the authenticity and integrity of mail from the CERT/CC.

Download and Verify the Current CERT/CC PGP Key

As a good security practice, be sure to validate PGP keys you receive and do not trust unvalidated keys. In the past, forged CERT PGP keys have been created and uploaded to public keyservers. It is important to validate your copy of the CERT PGP public key to ensure it is legitimate.

Click on the icon below to download the latest PGP key:

View file


Our current PGP key is available below and has the following properties:

  CERT PGP Key Information
  Key ID: 0x7B502ECF738058A74C4ADC8C
  Key Type: RSA
Created: 20172020-1209-0124
  Expires: 20182021-09-30
  Key Key Size: 4096
  Key Key Fingerprint: 2E688FE6 724F 45E00C6A 1437D47A 96893F6B  FA89 DD17 4C4A7380 E3DD58A7 DC384C4A 7B50DC8C
2ECF   UserIDUserID: CERT Coordination Center <>

The CERT PGP keys have an operational life span of approximately one year. When we generate a new key, it will be available from published on this web page , and we will announce the changeand updated on public keyservers.

Call us at +1 412-268-5800 to verify the fingerprint.



(Current and Historical)

Below is a list of keys currently or previously used keys. Do not use these keys for encrypting new information, but the keys may be useful for validating old contentby CERT/CC. Please use only the most recent key for encrypting new information.

Children Display

Revoked 2017-12-01   Key ID: 0x591174C3   Key Type: RSA   Expires: 2018-09-30   Key Size: 4096   Key Fingerprint: 6664 E6E5 0950 F82F 852B 20ED 69CD F89D 5911 74C3   UserID: CERT Coordination Center <>