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Use the "My Contact Info" page to edit your public contact information. Click "Edit My Contact Info" in the top right and toggle the "Public" switch to "Yes" to make specific contact information public. By default, all contact information that the CERT/CC has for your organization is set to "Not Public".

My organization is affiliated with "Vendor X".  How can I be sure that I receive all of the notifications that "Vendor X" receives?

If you wish to receive a VINCE notification whenever another vendor receives a VINCE notification, you should contact the other vendor (outside of VINCE) and ask that vendor's VINCE Admin to add your chosen email address to their vendor contact information.  Likewise, if you wish for another vendor to receive a VINCE notification whenever you receive a VINCE notification, then you should add an email address to your VINCE contact list that will reach that other vendor.