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Should I sign up as an individual or an organization?

VINCE is designed so that accounts are tied to individual users, and users can be made members of groups, most commonly a vendor group. So if you're part of a security team like a PSIRT, sign up as an individual and request to be added to the appropriate vendor group(s). An existing administrator for a vendor group can add you to the group.

How do I become associated with a vendor?

Once you have created an individual VINCE account, ask us or a vendor group administrator. Users for whom we have existing trust (verified email address, possibly PGP key) are automatically associated with vendor groups. For users without existing trust, we perform a two-person validation process.

How do I manage my vendor group?

The first user added to a vendor group is granted the administrator role for that group. Our strong preference is that administrators manage further group membership. Multiple administrators are permitted.

My VINCE account has been associated with the proper vendor group, why can't I access my cases?

Log out and back in to VINCE.

What should I do if a reporter is not responding or participating in the discussion on VINCE?