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All of the attachments on a case are available at the bottom of the right bar under the "Documents" section. To upload an attachment, click :

  1. Click the "+Add file" button


  1. Choose a file


  1. Click "Upload"


To download the attachment, click the file name...

Giving a vendor status and statement

To provide a vendor statement status of Affected/Unaffected/Unknown that will be included in the final publication, please click :

  1. Click the drop-down in the center box at the top of the Case Discussion


  1. "# Vulnerability Identified"
    1. If this is the first time you are providing a vendor statement, the box will say "Action Required" and state the number of vulnerabilities identified
  2. Choose Affected, Unaffected, or Unknown, and click "Submit"
  3. At this point, it will go to the coordinators for approval

To provide a vendor statement that will be included in the final publication:

  1. Click the same center box that you used to provide your vendor status that now says "Status submitted"
  2. Change the vendor status dropdown as needed
  3. Check the box for "Share status and statement pre-publication" if needed
  4. Type your statement in the Case Statement text box
  5. Include any applicable references in the Case References text box
  6. Any additional information that the coordinators want to include will be included in the CERT Addendum text box
  7. Click "Save" and your statement will go to the coordinators for approval

Reviewing a Vulnerability Note

Expected Date Public until there is a draft note

The coordinators will typically share the draft vulnerability note with those involved prior to publishing the case. To review the draft vulnerability note, click the box at the top right of the Case Discussion. The top right box in the Case Discussion displays the "Expected Date Public". When a draft vulnerability note becomes available, that box will include a link that says "View the draft vulnerability note". Click this link to view the draft note, and share any comments, questions, or concerns regarding the draft with the coordinators in either the Case Discussion or as a private message in the Inbox.