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Original issue date: July 30, 1999
Last revised: July 25, 2001
Source: CERT/CC
See also: Cobalt Networks Security Announcement

A complete revision history is at the end of this file.

Systems Affected

  • Cobalt Networks RaQ2 single rack unit Internet servers

I. Description

A vulnerability has been discovered in the default configuration of Cobalt Networks RaQ2 servers that allows remote users to install arbitrary software packages to the system. RaQ2 servers are configured with an administrative webserver to process remote requests to manage the unit. Systems installed with the default configuration have insufficient access control mechanisms to prevent remote users from adding arbitrary software packages to the system using this webserver.

A document published by Cobalt Networks describes the vulnerability and solutions in more detail:

II. Impact

Any remote user who can establish a connection to an administrative port on a vulnerable RaQ2 server can install arbitrary software packages on the server. This access can then be used to gain root privileges on the system.

III. Solution

Configure your Systems to Guard Against this Vulnerability

Install the patches provided by Cobalt Networks: (For RaQ2 servers) (For Japanese versions of the RaQ2 system)

The CERT/CC wishes to thank Cobalt Networks for their assistance in developing this advisory.

Copyright 1999 Carnegie Mellon University.

Revision History
Jul 30, 1999:	Initial release
Aug  8, 1999:	Updated link to Cobalt Networks announcement
Jul 25, 2001:	Fixed typo in title
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